Spice - Bend Ova (Official Music Video)

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Music video by Spice performing "Bend Ova" off the 'Adrenaline Riddim' produced by DJ Greg. Video directed by Jima Kanor.

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Spice - Bend Ova (Lyrics)

Have mi body a jump a shake and a vibrate
Bum inna the middle gyal hype pon yuh mate
Have a man backa mi a boom it and a gyrate
Bend ova and skin-out cause mi naw hesitate

Good hole from the day mi born
Mi nuh carry stinking arm
Whine up mi body and a carry on
Mi a go party tonight from dusk till dawn

Gimme way mek mi whine and tun-up in yah
Pum pum clean and it nuh carry odor
Bend ova and a shake and a bend it ova
Bend ova, bend ova, mi a bend it ova

Drop it and a whine and a boom pon di beat
Man a mad ova mi tight underneath
Bubble pon di beat, boom pon the beat
Bubble and a boom it, bubble, bubble pon the beat

Whine pon the bass and a mash up the place
A rotate mi waist and a deal wid him case
Skin up mi face bend ova and a brace
Whine pon the buddy caw this a nuh rat race