Spice - Baby I Love You (Official Music Video)

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Music video by spice performing "Baby I Love You", produced by Zj Chrome for Cr203 Records. Video directed and edited by Xtreme Arts.

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Spice - Baby I Love You (Lyrics)

(Verse 1)
Nuff people sidung and a watch we and a chat we
And a wonder weh we still a do together
Infatuation that is not the situation
It's just natural how we love we one another
Mi know some gyal a road a try fi tek you from mi but
All weh gwaan mi know a me yuh prefer
My baby, I love you so much

Baby I love you, I really really do
Nuh matter what they say, I love you anyway
Baby I love you, nuh matter what they say
I love anyway

(Verse 2)
We have we likkle problem, likkle disagreement
But that cyah compare to the romantic treatments
And mi know mi miserable but sometime mi haffi vent
Caw you always mek likkle head a rule the big head
Search yuh phone a argument, but after you nuh innocent
I saw the message that you sent, mi have you up for what I dreamt
Too much bamboozlement, and certain things yuh fi prevent
But mi love you same way have such a strong perfect for you

(Verse 3)
We disturb we neighbor, We go through we likkle phase
And then mi all a malice you fi all a couple days
Cut mi eyes all when mi see you, Cyah stand your dirty ways
But the loving weh you give baby that mek mi amaze
Oh yeah, I love the way you make me feel
I wanna be in your arms forever
Baby this love is for real
We were meant for each other