SOJA - Shadow (Official Music Video)

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Music video by SOJA performing "Shadow" off the album 'Amid The Noise And Haste' produced by ATO Records.

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Soja - Shadow (Lyrics Snippet)

I'm not a shadow,
I'm not the ground beneath your feet
I'm not a shadow,
When you look down, you won't see me
I'll stand up and I'll stand tall, I don't follow anyone
I'm not a shadow, cause I'm not a shadow

(Verse 1)
Here's to you don't settle, and never separate
And never be quiet cause the words you say
You never go back on and never turn around,
Never judge another cause as stupid it sounds
Cause when you see others knowing they're all brothers,
Knowing they're all sisters, seeing the big picture,
If they're not with you, then they're against
And were here now when they are way back when
So why try to please everyone?
When it seems that all the people really want
Is to show love out and out and get love back
Is to show some faith and get respect
Just look at the world then, you look at the problems
And look at the hatred, and we still cant solve it
So look inside and you'll find step one,
Forget a diamond I'm shining like the sun