Skip Marley - Cry To Me (Official Music Video)

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Music video by Skip Marley performing "Cry To Me" which is his debut single for Tuff Gong International. "Cry To Me," his debut single for Tuff Gong International, was written and arranged by Skip himself, and co-produced by Skip with Paul Fakhourie (Lauryn Hill, Stephen Marley, Damian Marley, Nas).

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Skip Marley - Cry To Me (Lyrics)

(Verse 1)
Sometimes it's so hard to be, happy
When all you do is hold on to your, insecurities
A hurting heart is the most, painful
So let it all out and, oh cry

Cry.... cry to me, if you wanna
It's fine... fine by me
Cause I'll hold you, you see inside....
Heard you leave
So cry.... cry to me

(Verse 2)
When will you emerge from, your hideaway
From your true feelings that you want, to escape
Maybe it's my mind drifting too far, into space
Fly away to a, better place
There's no other spot I'd rather lay
So don't be scared no, I won't hurt you

(Verse 3)
We're better together, in any weather
If it's cold I'm your sweater
If it rains I'm your umbrella
No one is perfect, but to me you're perfection
What are flaws beside, their creation
Ain't gonna walk through the heartaches
Walk through the pain
Don't feel alone in the shadow
You're not the one to blame
Society deceives your mind
Tells you what you should be
How to look and to act, and what to believe is real
Let it all go, it will make you feel better
So drop it all and cry to me if you want to