Sizzla Kalonji Speaks - Bashes Gays, Corrupt Government & The System

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Over the last three years Sizzla Kalonji has consistently earned top performers credit from just about every performance he made on Jamaican soil. During that period, the rise to the occasion singer came under much pressure to refrain from homosexual bashing during performances. Following his performance at Rebel Salute 2015, Sizzla attempts to set the tables straight.

According to Sizzla, Jamaica is the foundation and his job is to represent for the people. He advises youngsters in the music business to be consistent, work hard and educate themselves by reading more conscious books. He also urge those who've made it to give back to the community because life is not all about the money. We shouldn't turn our backs on the people who buys our music and support us over the years.

On the topic of homosexuality, Sizzla is strongly against it and believes that sodomy shouldn't be allowed in Jamaica or anywhere for that matter. He made reference to Jamaica's 'coat of arms' having a man and a woman. He further states that no raping and no stealing because it's not right. Sizzla stands firm in his beliefs and claims that no one can't pressure him and that he's the one pressuring the 'funny man' them to leave the place.