Sizzla - I'm Living (Official Music Video)

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Music video by Sizzla Kalonji performing "I'm Living" from the album 'Born A King' released by Multi Music. Song produced by Mista Savona. Video filmed by SupaNova in Kingston, Jamaica, video edited by Nathan Wood for Paradolia Cinema in Byron Bay, Australia.

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Sizzla - I'm Living (Lyrics Snippet)

I'm living, for the sick and the poor
The hungry and the shelter-less, sleeping on the floor
I'm giving, all I've got and more
I know Jah will bless me and open up the doors
I'm living, for the young and the old
The blind and the deaf, and the dumb ones you know
I'm giving, Jah Jah love, to all of the
Beautiful people of the world

(Verse 1)
Governments coming with the same damn thing,
Million year, trillion years, aint doing one thing
Children, listen when the Rastaman sing
No matter the destruction, gwaan praise the King
Warn them and tell them there is right over wrong
Mr President , why is it you make the bombs?
Everyday is weapons of mass destruction
Seems like they got no love for anyone

(Repeat Chorus)

(Verse 2)
Don't you worry all my people,
Cause Rasta never leave you
Babylon try to deceive you
Africa with open arms will receive you
Although, the sufferation hard, well listen
We're doing it for a cause
Sometime though I've no food in the yard
Journey me haffi step towards

I'm living, I'm living
I'm giving, whoa whoa oh whoa oh ay ay

(Verse 3)
Seems no one care for them
But Jah is there for them
And I'm here for them
Jah love I declare for them
Stretch a helping hand to the youth
You can only lead them with the truth
Don't you hear them crying?
Don't you see them dying?