Sizzla Ft. Papa Flava - Give Thanks For Life - Lyon House Music

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Sizzla Kalonji performs "Give Thanks For Life" featuring Papa Flava and produced by Lyon House Music.

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Sizzla Ft. Papa Flava - Give Thanks For Life (Lyrics)

Give thanks for life oh Jah
Give thanks for everything you do
I give thanks for life oh Jah
I give thanks to you

(Verse 1)
Life is the best thing
Giving thanks is the next thing
I dont stress things
You see I worry about the best things
Rastafari is my only strength
When my way seems dark and things makes no sense
All I do is pray, Selassie-I is my friend
Perpetual blessing life never end

24 seven give my praises onto you
For all that I've accomplished I owed it all to you
A lot a people confuse know not what to do
They seeking your forgiveness escape them trouble

Give thanks in the morning
Give thanks in the evening
Give thanks everyday
Give thanks anyway