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New track from Shawn Storm titled "Tan bad", its taken of the 'Tanbad Riddim' produced by Kwashawna Records and distributed by 21st Hapilos Distribution.

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Shawn Storm - Tan bad (Lyrics Snippet)

First thing baby yuh pu$$y grab mi
And dah f*ck deh have mi
A chat to mi self like seh yuh mad mi
Till mi woman a mi yard wah stab mi
Jah know, and secondly
Yuh whining value 30 Manley
Sidung, sidung now Brandy
Up inna yuh belly, belly gyal
[email protected] play dandy shandy

Mi love nuff girls and mi nah stop bad
Too much gyal a road pass fimi standard
Inna mini skirt seh she wah Baghdad
Mi baby mother a seh mi too tan bad

Weh Sivva seh? Mr polygamy
Hey nuh try figure mi
Good pu$$y gyal whine fimi Hillary
Known fi bigamy, Tiffany a Liguanea
Good pu$$y gyal whine pon d!ckary

(Verse 1)
She tek it anyweh and she worthy
her body no fluxy it sturdy
She nuh rev out, rev out like Herbie
Suh sidung inna saddle fi the derby
Yuh pum pum squeeze till it hurt mi
Worst when time she get dirty
If mi woman ever catch you yuh dead
But trust mi yuh worth it