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Shawn Storm delivers early this Christmas with "Sivva Xmas" off the Sorrel Riddim produced by Kwashawna Records.

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Shawn Storm - Sivva Xmas (Lyrics Snippet)

Yow Mobay, A weh dem a tell the gyal dem bout Santa Claus

Mi F*k gyal hard, mi mek dem sing
The gyal dem call me Sivva Siv
It hurt more while, dem all waan child
Because mi nuh give dem nuh boring style
Nuh missionary f*k cause a back-shot she like
Drape her pu$$y like me and her a fight
She love when me tell her fi go pon her head
Right foot a Gaza, the left a Naggo Head
She run come f*k me Christmas eve
And Christmas morning she deh inna mi bed

(Verse 1)
Mi nuh nerdy nerdy, mi nuh Birdy
A nuh chicken mi a jerky, mi nuh Kirky
Mi a send c*ky right up under the skirty Use the pu$$y girt mi, do 6:30
Her pu$$y sing jingle bell, jingle bell, jingle all the way
She nuh want Rudolph no red nose reindeer
Eighty Grand fi her plane fare
Fly down fi change gear
Book a one room over Hilton
Queen size bed mi a King Kong
A put it sing song
And say, it's the season to be jolly
Sha-la-la-la-la la-la la-la