Shawn Storm - Dancing Shoes - Slickrecords876

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New track from the incarcerated Shawn Storm titled "Dancing Shoes", produced by Slickrecords876.

Shawn Storm - Dancing Shoes (Lyrics Snippet)

(Verse 1)
New style wah mi sivvo
Mi head god damn frig-up
Like mi mix bleach with syrup
Bad like when volcano erupt
Mi nuh pu$$y, mi nuh girl inna wig-up
Violate and the 14 dig up

Mi bad like kesar from Spain
Plus West Kingston live up
Man a real badman nuttn rig-up
Hey dread bwoy, hold a pig-up
Spit inna yuh face like bad bwoy Willy
Then do the willy bounce so Bougle get big up
A nuh badman forward, badman pull-up

Call down the rain till yuh head-top full up
A nuh dancing thing when the thunder clap
Every building a Harlem shake red bull-up
Killa walk when Toyota pull up
Signal the plane hand dem put up
Forty cal mek yuh shankle dip
When the 16 claat it mek people pup-up

Rise the dancing shoes
People haffi move
Mek mi tell yuh this straight up
Badman nuh tek bait up
Shot play riddim without the blues
This may sure fi mek the news
When it buss yuh cyah hear good
Like when phone a break up