Shana S - Jamaica (Official Video)

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Music video by Shana S performing "Jamaica". Video directed by Shana Simpson, single distributed by Zojak World Wide.

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Shana S - Jamaica (Lyrics)

(Verse 1)
Seh from mi touch JA mi jet set inna Negril coast
Mi haffi mek a call cause mi smell the kiki
Naw go tell no lie is a drink mi a pree
Gimme a margarita and some bacardi
Yeah, but mi nuh done mi seh mi gone a Portland
Chicken deh pon mi mind mi detour
All work and no play that mi naw do
That's why mi coast down the river grande Weh mi seh yeah

Nowhere nuh better than Jamaica
Nowhere nuh beter, better than mi sweat Jamaica
Nowhere nuh better than Jamaica
Nowhere nuh better than mi yard, no baby

(Verse 2)
So when money run down mi naw go sweat that
Every man have at least a roof and a lot
No haffi think twice what a go inna the pot
No need no conference cause we have that lock
If a white rice run the tin mackerel
If a run down then squeeze the coconut
If a breakfast a the national dish
Ah gimme a bowl a the plantain porridge

(Repeat Chous)

(Verse 3)
No matter weh dem do, no matter weh dem try
Dem naw go see a tear from we eye yeah
Jamaicans strong, Jamaicans tall
Yuh know seh yuh naw see we fall
Weh mi seh yeah
Look how we island pretty, pretty, pretty, pretty
Anywhere we go a we lock the city yow
Come and take a walk upon the beach
Cause everything's irie, irie yeah

(Repeat Chorus)