Shaggy & Sanchez - With You - Ranch Entertainment

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Shaggy and Sanchez - With You - Produced by Ranch Entertainment

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Shaggy & Sanchez - With You (Lyrics Snippet)

Girl I'm better when we are together
There's something bout the way I feel with you
And I could hold you in my arms forever
It's just the way I feel when I'm with you

(Verse 1)
Well me say easy Jacqueline well take it easy
And me say easy Pamela take it easy
Love how the girl she a hug me up neatly
Love how she rub down me body and a tease me

Because inna the dance a weh mi hug her up tight
Straight speaker bubbling right through the night
Her tongue inna mi ears and a mi lips she a bite
I whisper softly well calm and polite cah

Hello baby mi Amor ah
Lyrics a fling cah mi well wah fi score ah
Especially now true mi see the tongue bore ah
Reach her yard and nearly bruck down the door ah

Cah, right now mi come fi invade yuh spaces
And we a roll and exchange some ... faces
She full a talent even though she have braces
Liquor a pour and it stack a couple cases