Shaggy Ft. Chronixx - Bridges (Official Music Video)

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Music video by Shaggy & Chronixx performing "Bridges" off the album 'Out Of Many, One Music' produced by Ranch Entertainment.

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Shaggy Ft. Chronixx - Bridges (Lyrics)

A bet you wish you never burn that bridge
Oh no, cause now your like the crosses

(Verse 1)
Climbing up the ladder you better watch your steps
Watch how you a flex and watch the moves you mek
Careful of the people you disrespect
There will be repercussion man naw tek no check
Cause when you're coming down they might not wanna treat you right
And when you coming down that's when you gonna get the fight
And now you're wishing that you were a little more polite
And now the table turn and everything a come to light

(Verse 2)
It's no coincident the people you meet
You haffi careful how you move in the street
The same man you pass when you going up
When you coming down, him a laugh and a grin him teeth
Grandma say today for you, tomorrow for me
That's when you have to face your real sorrows for real
I know you wish you never burn your bridges
But who cyah hear haffi feel
A cyah believe yuh burn it, yuh burn it, a weh you a go walk
When you haffi cross the river inna dark
You burn it, you burn all your bridges in the pass
Now your future lead you to the same path