Serani - In My Arms (Official Music Video)

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Music video by Serani performing "In my Arms" off the 'Spit Fire Riddim' produced by Starstruck Records. Video directed by David F. Mewa.

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Serani - In My Arms (Lyrics Snippet)

There's a place you belong
Secure and strong
I'll do you no wrong (i'll do you no wrong)
In my arms, hand in my palm
Next to my heart
bid you sweet charm
Love you-ou-ou, you-ou-ou
In my arms, in my arms

(Verse 1)
There isn't another place you should be
I'll never change if you good too me
Let me show you straight what we could be
Like angel.. success story

You're always in my arm
Snuggle up I'll keep you warm
Defend the pride like lion
We shall be in Zion