Sara Lugo - More Love (Official Video)

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Music video by Sara Lugo performing "More Love" of her album 'Hit Me With Music'. Music produced by Altafaan Records, video directed by Valentin Campagnie and edited by Guillaume Agostini, presented by Oneness Records.

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Sara Lugo - More Love (Lyrics)

Give me your love, gimme more love
You and I
Give me your love, gimme more love
We can take it high
Your love, gimme more love
You and I
Give me love, give me your love

(Verse 1)
Oh there was a time when we both lost focus
All these things couldn't make us loose our love, no
We've been through ups and downs been turning around in circles
Eyes on us like clowns in the circus
Now it is what it is and i'm bless you're in my life

(Repeat Chorus)

(Verse 2)
You're the one to brighten up my rainy day
You came into my life and took my blues away
Whenever i'm down you turn it all around
Show mi how to smile, again yeah

(Repeat Chorus)