Samini Ft. Popcaan - Violate (Official Music Video)

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Few hours after releasing the audio to his jam packed single with Jamaica’s dancehall superstar, Popcaan. Samini and his record label Highgrade Family brings us the official music video for the single – Violate. The video was shot and directed by Ghana's youngest and finest video director, Prince Dovlo.

Samini Ft. Popcaan - Violate (Lyrics Snippet)

We never fraid, never fraid
Some bwoy juss a lip up dem [email protected]@t mouth
Man, never fraid, never fraid, never fraid
Some bwoy weh think dem bad tell dem fi go wul a bathe

If dem violate dem a go home (to the morgue)
Dem a go home (to the grave)
Hey mi seh mi 'K' a buss dem head top, and dem a drop
So, dem a go home

Don't mek mi haffi send fi Samini
Wid di big [email protected]@t corner army
Some bwoy weh a talk seh dem a bad man
Di world done know dem a punany
Wet dem up like tsunami
Dem nuh bad like yuh nor mi
Big long gun like Kalonji