Safaree Ft. Ward 21 - Volume (Official Video)

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Music video by Safaree performing "Volume" featuring Ward 21. Single produce by Misik Muzik, video directed by Jay Parpworth.

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Safaree Ft. Ward 21 - Volume (Lyrics Snippet)

(Verse 1)
We mek some [email protected] feel pain
Bullet inna face expose bwoy brain
Bwoy shouldn't call up man family name
Member we mek copper fall like rain
All now the ground stain up with blood stain
Safaree mek bullet a crash inna dem like plain
Mad family dem mad and Brooklyn insane
Dem pu$$y a grudge we fi the ice pon we chain
Tell dem lowe mi name

SB what it look like
Dem gyal a geet weh caw dem nuh f*k right
And she all a tell mi dem nuh stop bite
So we kill it and left it at the stoplight Nuh pick her up

You see this watch right here it speaks volume
And when i'm buy this work dem cop volume
And when you hear SB them scream volume
Ward 21 this is volume

(Verse 2) Some bwoy dem waan fi come and talk and pose up like a b!tch
Cause me is a man nuh deal wid snitch, a pu$$yhole will get a stitch
And if you violate the man dem you will end up inna ditch
Somebody go and call Kaprich cause mi nuh deal wid Frankie Paul

I'm a Brooklyn [email protected] R.I.P to Biggie Smalls
When I go in for the title, ima go and take it all
Wheelie on my bike you know a [email protected] never fall
Ima bring it back and pull the clutch so I never stall

Vroom vroom go Suzuki, mi nuh really deal wid
If dem waan fi watch mi tell dem gwaan inside go watch a movie
Why these [email protected] always watching, why these n!ggas always plotting
Me is a badman out of Brooklyn, gunshot you to Manhattan

(Repeat Chorus)

(Verse 3)
Badman buss gun talk if you wanna
Mac 90 rifle with hollow tip cyah done
Brooklyn, Kingston bad when we draw down
When you sight SB and the Ward gun

A nuh firehouse nor newlots weh fun nuh start
Nineties Flatbush mek yuh run go fart
Mek yuh see the gun nozzle, the jumbo part
Then a blow, one inna yuh bomboclaat

Man run the place, badman nuh watch face
See this rolex..., some sexy gyal a come we place
Fifties money buss it up, dem nuh come outside fi bake
Me is a man nuh like fi wait