Ryme Minista - Success (Official Music Video)

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Music video by Ryme Minista performing "Success", directed by Kareem J. Carr for Foreign Flex TV.

Ryme Minista - Success (Lyrics Snippet)

True mi come from the ghetto
Dem say me naw come out to nuttn
Work hard, hey we feel the pressure
The pain, try mi best fi stay out a trouble
So mi tek on the street like tires, read my prayers
Even though the system a squeeze like pliers
Believe mi nuh tired, still a burn the fire
Yeah caw mi see seh dem a wicked and liard

(Verse 1)
Crab inna barrel just leggo
Hard fi a likkle man rise from the ghetto
Me have a dream like Martin Luther
The four corner earth my voice haffi echo
Echo, echo, mi naw preach terror
Yuh cyah run een cause mi dog dem leggo
Unruly like a grizzle and predro
Like pressure cooker pot mi a gwaan hold di pressure

Every youth have a dream
One way fi mek it yeah yuh heart haffi clean
All when dem still nuh like mi, me deh tek mi thing scheme
Nuh watch the badmind that a part of the team, zeen