Ryme Minista - Ready (Official Music Video)

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Music video by Ryme Minista performing "Ready". Single produced by TJ Records, video directed by EYES, visualized by Mars7Production.

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Ryme Minista - Ready (Lyrics Snippet)

Mobay ready, Town ready
Lucea, Ochie, rifle dem steady
Portmore ready, Westmoreland ready
Black version like Jason and Freddy

(Verse 1)
No bwoy cyah kill and disarm mi
Tek no gun from mi
No soldiers, no squaddy, no security guardy
Nobody, no pardy, enemy no pary
If mi drop a jail a mi ratchet and mi chargie
Kill and go through yeh, no friend no army
Mi nuh trust gyal mi know dem naw go waan mi
Mi trigger happy, mi nuh fraid fi start it
Shoot up the club and the bar, the party

Tell prom fi link Ginja
And roll wid the mac-11 and the incha
Caw we no beat up lip, caw we no bad pon mouth
All a mi strength inna mi finger
When the rifle dem a buss like cylinder
Yuh naw fi ask head open like window
From yuh mek one talk we no linger
Ratchet inna neck like a samurai ninja

All a mi gun dem grease
We cyah live in peace
Haffi rest in peace
Watch dem a call 119
But a we a run the place like f*king police