Runkus - Victim (Official Music Video)

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Music video by Runkus performing "Victim" produced by Bassick Records.

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Runkus - Victim (Lyrics Snippet)

Government seh dem a govern
Dem tek every dime and dem tek every nickel
Yet don't mek no sense and dem stubborn
Is like dem waan bruk we up until we cripple
Well we dem a walk on and run on

But tell dem we tallawah although we likkle
Warrior while dem a worry-er
Watch mi go hurry and lead out the innocent
Bare dead body a pile
The youths dem getting wild
And loosing dem inner strength

Later dem grab up the 9
And talk bout 10 and talk bout 11, 12
Dem cyah tell me what the devil said
keyshia Cole was heaven sent
Still man a soldier from Zion
Weh tougher than iron

So tell dem send dem lead come
And get dem head flung
Dissect dem left lung
Dem bring dem dogs
That's whay dem bring dem pet come
Dem come fi shell we body
Fire burn like we just light petcom
Nowadays true dem cyah find 50 cent
Dem bring Kanye West come