Romain Virgo - Money Target - Adde Productions / JWonder

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Romain Virgo talks the good and bad of money in new track dubbed "Money Target" off the 'Money Target Riddim'. Song produced by Adde Productions and Johnny Wonder of 21st Hapilos.

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Romain Virgo - Money Target (Lyrics Snippet)

Everybody dream fi make money
Nah talk no fairy tale story bout no milk and honey

But yuh see money
Money target more problem
And yuh see money
Money target pure false friends
Because the same money mek everything nice
The same money can cause yuh your life
Money, money target pure problem

A money still buy gold
Money mek yuh drive big car pon toll
It mek man put them wife pon hold
And mek girl spin pon pole

Money, never stay one place
It inna some court house
Some a try fi buss a case
The world inna money chase
Some run lef family inna the race