Romain Virgo - General (Official Music Video)

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Music video by Romain Virgo performing "General", song produced by ZJ Rush & Kisko Hype for Code 91 Records. Video directed by Bling Blang, and presented by Vikings production.

Romain Virgo - General (Lyrics Snippet)

Phone call to heaven
Long fi reason with mi friend
Mi one and only friend

You a still mi general, believe me
You are the only friend weh never deceive me
You a mi general, mi general
Yuh ratings stand tall
Yuh a the greatest of them all

(Verse 1)
Salute me salute you
To me you always stay true to
Yuh never switch, never snitch
Encourage and tell mi, mi a go mek it
Mi wish yuh did deh yah mi bredda
Fi help me share this chedda
Member when we did a suffer

(Verse 2)
I know God nah give a man more than him can bare
But I also know, the good one gone too soon I swear
Yuh worth more than diamond and gold
Through the toll, the two a we should a roll till we get old