Richie Stephens Ft. Beenie Man - Madness (Official Music Video)

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Music video by Richie Stephens and Beenie Man performing "Madness", produced by Kirkle Dove Records. Video directed by Terminal 4 Media.

Richie Stephens Ft. Beenie Man - Madness (Lyrics Snippet)

Richie Stephens look pon the gyal dem a whine
(Dat deh whine deh a mad me)
Zagga, Coolie gyal mi a yuh curry mango
Di banana yuh know weh the thing go
Gyal whine and go down inna the lingo
(Inna the club a just madness)
Gyal a seh mi sweet like a ringo
Yuh a mi future mi a yuh tampango
How dem gyal yah bad so

(Verse 1)
Look pon the man and woman
Get bad and a gallang
Like wild animal inna the place
Dem a do the dutty thing
And people a look
What a rahtid shame and disgrace
Dem under the rum so the man deh a ground
And the woman a whine pon him waist
So mi tell all mi friends dem time fi we leave
This yah party way out a place

But mi friends dem a get inna the fever
Mi a try but mi just cyah leave yah
Cause everytime mi a go through the door Temptation a grab mi

Madness, Tek over the party
Madness, everybody get crazy
Madness, mi seh the girls dem attack mi
Madness, now nobody cyah stop mi
Madness, cyah believe seh a me dat
Madness, mi get caught up inna the show
Madness, any man would a loose it
Madness, why the girls dem bad so
Madness, madness, madness, madness....