Richie Campbell - I Feel Amazing (Official Music Video)

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Music video by Richie Campbell performing "I Feel Amazing", produced by Nicholas Browne. Video directed by Pedro Dias and Richie Campbell.

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Richie Campbell - I Feel Amazing (Lyrics)

Yuh haffi fit fi mek a hit
Yuh know mi eva ready
No long talking
Just watch the way we walking
Step aside and mek mi pass cause

I feel amazing
Smile on mi face from mi wake up in the morning
No time fi badmind, no time fi problem
Somebody tell Babylon, better unuh warn dem

(Verse 1)
Yeah mi feel good so mi jump out a mi bed
No negativity nuh have no space inna mi head
Been trying to remember what mi mama said
If yuh back against the wall, turn and face it instead
Buss the wall and move ahead
Gas pedal mi foot a press it like a lead
Mi naw go slow fi yellow, worst mi naw go stop fi red
Stop go gym to how mi work mi weight a shed
Save the tears and sweat them out like newly wed

(Verse 2)
It's like a new me, nothing naw go phase me
You a go see da smile ya pon mi face now and daily
Tun up the TV if unuh waan fi see me
Find yuh favorite radio show and still yuh a go bill me
Yuh a hear me
Now mi girls feeling up
All the worries and the troubles could a never fill mi cup
Mi know this a nuh luck cause every time mi stuck a blessings mi buck up
Mi see a hand a reach fi pull mi up