RDX - Summer Time (Official Music Video)

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Music video by RDX (Delomar & Renegade) performing "Summertime", music produced by Apt.19 Music. Video directed and edited by Xtreme Arts.

RDX - Summer Time (Lyrics Snippet)

Summertime is here, summertime is here
Summertime is here, summertime is here

When you see girls skirt blow up
Blame it on the summer breeze
The gal them nuff
Some a come and some a leave
Single people a look fi find a summer squeeze
A bunch a keys a so she shake the bumper jeez
Mi want a bar full a liquor and a junk a weed


Summer hot
We liming at the summer spot
School is out, a part a the summer that
Di dawg them inna the open and a bounce a pot
And set so a pree di shorty with the clump a phat
Some girl a hold them liquor while some cannot