RDX - Linky (Official Music Video)

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Music video by RDX performing "Linky" off the 'Sounds Of The Heart Riddim' produced by Cashflow Records. Video directed by Xtreme Arts.

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RDX - Linky (Lyrics Snippet)

Big up all linky dem
Weh mek sure seh no stray bwoy cyah trespass
My linky dem
The real dawg dem yuh can trust with yuh head-back
My linky dem
Dem more than a friend, dem man yah a family
Big up my linky dem, my linky dem

(Verse 1)
Mi a talk bout the link dem weh naw lef yuh out
The link dem weh encourage yuh, dem naw stress you out
The link dem weh wi share the dry bread
And help yuh hunt the butter when the pressures of life press yuh out
The link dem weh when yuh wrong, dem a give yuh right
And if dem see styling then dem ready fi fight
The link dem weh real like 24 carat
Weh answer if yuh call dem inna middle night
We naw talk bout Friday friend
Who just give you a page pon the Friday dem

Mi a chat bout the ones weh keep yuh up like heaven
Weh want yuh riches multiply 24 by 7
Some bwoy fake like counterfeit Nanny
But through everything my linky side a mi
All when mi pocket flat like bammy
Mi link still mek me feel happy like mi just win the grammy