RDX - Hell (Official Music Video)

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Music video by RDX performing "Hell", song produced by Picante Music, video directed by Kool & Deadly Productions and edited by Shady Squad.

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RDX - Hell (Lyrics Snippet)

Give thanks fi yuh freedom
Nuh tek it fi granted
If a nuh the hot body gyal dem waan mi
Mi nuh waan get wanted
Nuff man brag how much ghost dem mek
And now dem life haunted
Poverty programmed pon the chip
Babylon implanted, a pree time and carnage
Who get dash weh like garbage
The East and the West get wild like orchid
All when flour and mackerel scarce
Gunshot never have shortage
Look over yuh life like the judge over the glasses
Bredda think pon yuh losses
How the view look from a tall bridge
Yes our crosses.... bad

Mi nuh waan go dung deh, a hell dung deh
No new shoes nuh sell dung deh
Is like yuh under a spell dung deh
Nuh good story nuh tell dung deh
Nuh go dung deh, a hell dung deh
The future no look well dung deh
Nuff a mi friend dem fell dung deh
A hell dung deh