RDX - Drink Symphony - Blaqk Sheep Music

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RDX - Drink Symphony - Produced by Blaqk Sheep Music

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RDX - Drink Symphony (Lyrics Snippet)

Waitress bring dah bottle deh come to rass, to rass
3 Hennessy and a bottle a run to rass, to rass
We done dem bottle deh fast
Hold yuh girl nuh mek her a cause
Cah we drink and floss and done every bottle to rass

(Verse 1)
Bomboclaat now
Henny just dash inna mi glass now
Fross yuh f*k so we dark now
Haha haha, which bwoy laugh now
Hi-yeah shrub out a stalk now
Ears cork up nah tek nuh talk now
Yuh nuh hear, seh anyweh we stand up a the hot spot
When yuh see the line don't cross yow
Clean, clean like whistle yow
High grade a rub out inna we hand middle yow
Jerk chicken deh outside a sizzle yow
That a fi when party done but right now
Tek a pull and blow the smoke inna the sky yow
Wash mi face wid the Henny, mi hype yow
Wi bruk yuh bone fi you ever bruk a fight yow
Happy everyday like a Christmas