RDX - Dancehall - Apt.19 Music

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The duo RDX big up "Dancehall" in the latest track produced by Apt.19 Music.

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RDX - Dancehall (Lyrics Snippet)

We all love and respect reggae
But don't pretend dancehall nuh deh deh
When reggae rise dancehall rise
Jamaica rise, cya look down pon we like streggae

From Yellow Man the first dancehall king
Shabba go global wid the dancehall thing
Nuff a dem nuh rate Sean Paul
But a nuff time di man give the billboard a dancehall swing

Nuff a dem nuh like dem own music word up
A pop and hip-hop dem a push first up
Artists weh tek money and nuh turn up
Dancehall reputation dem burn up
While some man a tek dis fi circus
Reggaeton time tek it mek money surplus
Don't try spit inna di pot mi nyam out a
Mi wi put yuh inna a dark corner go curl up

Dis a dancehall, dancehall
A we love, a we life, a we girl, a we wife
So everybody haffi treat her right
Rep fiwi dancehall, dancehall
A we joy, a we pain, a she mek we a gain
Nuh dash no more dirt pon her name