RDX - Bum (Official Music Video)

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Music video by RDX performing "Bum", song produced by Apt 19 Music, video directed by Cab Concepts.

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RDX - Bum (Lyrics Snippet)

Gyal a drop gyal a kotch, gyal a broad out
If yuh cyah dweet good no bother walk out
Bwoy a hide him gyal, put her far out
Cause him nuh waan RD bruk her out
When mi seh sidung, sidung, sidung...
So gyal sidung, sidung, sidung...
So gyal bum fi mi, bum fi mi, bum fi mi...

Gyal bruk out like glass
Bruk out yuh body fast
A aerobic time that mi tell yuh
Back it up, back it up
Push it back, push it back
Anyweh yuh touch get shell so
Wine down, wine down, wine down, wine down...
Wine down, wine down, wine down

Mi see some gyal a wild out some gyal a build
Some gyal boring mi like unuh still
Some gyal bad wid the license fi kill
Gyal come pon the dance floor show mi yuh skill
Gyal bum pon the valley and bum pon the hill
Bum pon the wall and bum pon the grill
Bum pon the pole hundred dollar bill
Yuh a bum pon the ground and yuh liquor nah spill

So wine mi gyal so till it bruk
Badabung badabeng yuh waist nuh stuck
So sink in yuh back gyal show mi yuh pluck
After the party yuh owe me a ...
Bum pon the van top, bum pon the truck
Bum till it bend gyal bum till it bruk
Bum pon it smooth and bum pon it ruff
A nuh time fi yuh rest gyal a wuk yuh a wuk