Ratigan - Down Inna The Ghetto (Official Music Video)

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Ratigan performs music video for "Down Inna The Ghetto", music produced by Brixton Music Group. Video directed by Perry Blunt.

Ratigan - Down Inna The Ghetto (Lyrics Snippet)

Down inna the ghetto where the poor nuh have a thing
Bear sufferation the youths them facing
No hope fi survive without a hustling
Poverty inna we face, everyday the same thing
And the politicians, just guns them a bring
Rastafari nah support them senseless killing
To take my brother life not the way of living
Peace and love that a the message I a bring

Well let me tell you bout the ghetto cah mi know down deh
Ghetto nice even though things slow down deh
Party a gwaan man a keep stage show down deh
Whole heap a big superstar grow down deh
Listen you haffi careful what you talk dow deh
Cah when it dark down deh, weak heart no walk down deh
You haffi quick, you haffi street smart down deh
You haffi tough, you can't soft down deh