RasItes - Drum & Bass Line (Official Music Video)

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Rasites performs music video for "Drum & Bass Line" off the album 'Reason Time EP'. Song released by Blue Lotus Music Group.

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RasItes - Drum & Bass Line (Lyrics Snippet)

Roots music show the people dem fi live it up
Live it up, live it up
I and I could never ever give it up
Give it up, we nah go give it up

We're at the venue and the vibes is so right
People in the crowd been waiting all night
To hear sweet reggae with a positive voice
Bring such a good feeling
Real roots they're receiving
Words of Rastafari spiritual healing
There's no limit when baseline hit the ceiling
Music so important giving life a new meaning
The perfect meal for when you brain need feeding

So, wouldn't give up now
Wouldn't give up now
Wouldn't give up now
Listen to the rhythm of the drum and the bass line