Ras Attitude - Instrumental Love (Official Music Video)

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Music video by Ras Attitude performing "Instrumental Love" off the 'Struggle Riddim' produced by Weedy G Soundforce. Video directed by Boondox-IJaw Films.

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Ras Attitude - Instrumental Love (Lyrics)

She calls me her instrumental
She loves to ride on the riddim
A think I got her head spinning
This kind of love she's never been in
I'm her instrumental
When she ride on the riddim
Oh what a feeling, what a feeling

(Verse 1)
She nuh waan nuh money pull up
She waan the riddim bounce all night
She love it when it dark in yah
She tell mi seh nuh bother turn on the light
Her heart beats to the music now
That really drives me wild
Cause she's a music lover
In her own fashion and style

(Verse 2)
Run da slow song deh gimme
Mek I bubble with I lady
It's so dark only she can see me
Need to find you way baby just feel mi
Can you hear me, I'll be there musically
And it may sound crazy
Our hears are coincidence to the beach