Randy Valentine - Wake The Town (Official Music Video)

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Music video by Randy Valentine performing "Wake The Town" off the album 'Still Pushing' produced by Hemp Higher & Ariwa Music. Video filmed and directed by MediaKoncept.

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Randy Valentine - Wake The Town (Lyrics Snippet)

Well mi seh, mi no like how certain man a gwaan
(Not at all)
Well mi seh, mi no love how some woman a gwaan
(Not at all)
Dem claim seh dem have love inna dem heart
(Oh lord)
And as yuh turn your back dem start fi laugh
(How dem laugh)
Nuff a dem a snake inna grass
(Wicked heart)
See you pon the edge and want fi push yuh off
(Dem waan yuh fall)

(Verse 1)
Nuff things weh outta road weh me no like
So I write songs fi highlight it
Mi no like when another guy see another guy
A rise like the sun and try fight it
Mi no like it
When a gyal see a man a kill himself pon the night shift
Then she bawl out straight
If yuh naw drive the ..., she naw get excited

Born and grow a Jamaica
Fly go a foreign fi make the paper
Mi life still rough like a sand paper
So weh we never eat we save fi later
Why when I read the newspaper
All mi see a killer, thief and raper
Mi haffi go fly down one November
Fi talk about love inna sweet Jamaica
Cause Jah know seh..