Randy Valentine - Lock Me Up (Official Music Video)

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Music video by Randy Valentine performing "Lock Me Up" off the 'Penthouse Riddim' produced by Jugglerz Records. Video filmed and edited by MediaKoncept. Presented by Hemp Higher / J.O.A.T & Jugglerz.

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Randy Valentine - Lock Me Up (Lyrics Snippet)

I say you better call the police pon me
Cause i'm guilty... I'm guilty

(verse 1)
If loving you is a crime
I'll gladly do the time
I'm willing to pay the fine
I'm sure my heart won't mind

Oooh girl.. I testify
That as long as there is life
I'll use every day and night
To keep you satisfied

Oooh if love is what you want
If love is what you need
Well it's not hard to see
That with me it's guaranteed

Oooh girl... dem cyah call me thief
And this is not a murder scene
Is only inna the first degree
So if you see the love police
Just tell dem fi...

Lock me up and dash weh the key
Because i'm guilty, of loving this lady
Oooh baby just lock me up
And dash weh the key
Cause I'm guilty, I'm guilty
Yes this is what mi plea