Raging Fyah Ft. Kabaka Pyramid - Dance With You (Official Video)

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Music video by Raging Fyah and Kabaka Pyramid performing "Dance With You". Video directed by Dameon Gayle.

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Raging Fyah Ft. Kabaka Pyramid - Dance With You (Lyrics)

(Verse 1: Raging Fyah)
They say train up a child the way that he should grow
And you'll be smiling for that seed you sow
But then I realize that's not the way things go
Cause sometime you grow and don't know where to go

See the system so ruff you gots to understand
There is no one around for you to depend on
You got to know what you want then fight like a man
And be mindful of the powers of your decision

Meaning if you aiming for sky high, don't do the drive by
Through seasons, don't pree evil
The meditation of your heart it a keep yuh
Just do the work Jah will feed yuh

They all wanna dance with you
Cause they see you did what you had to do
I hope they know the struggles mek yuh push on through
And now them see a Jah a guide over you
Yes, all wanna roll with you
Dem waan sit, dem waan eat, dem wanna drink with you
Back then dem never have no ratings for you
And now dem see you with Jah guidance

(Verse 2: Kabaka Pyramid)
I tell you raise up a child to know what's wrong from right
And that if you do the right you get a constant fight
But if you clean up yuh heart and keep your conscience light
Then you will reap the reward when it is judgement time

Don't be surprise its just how people stay
When yuh a start dem not even a blow breeze your way
But as you rise is like to you dem waan fi kneel and pray
The most highlight dem waan fi steal and take

Just tell dem, nuh come yah with your hypocrite smile
We see livity, yuh see we living in style
And now dem waan a piece of the pie
Dem waan to get to heaven but dem never reach for the sky

Dem waan fi reach inna yuh pocket, bridge yuh current like a socket
Yuh guard dem waan yuh drop it, i blast off like a rocket
Yow, the same ones that laughed at you
Now them running after you