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New track from Radijah titled "Love Story" produced by 1Link Records.

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Radijah - Love Story (Lyrics Snippet)

Yuh mi pree mek mi sober
When night come yuh come over
Waan drive yuh like it's a Rover
Girl... girl

I wanna be where you are
Even cross the sea
Girl, yuh friend dem seh mi nuh mean yuh no good
A dat dem a pree
I wanna be where you are
You a mi one and only
Girl, you and me together forever
That a mi love story

(Verse 1)
Rain a fall, nature call
When she horny my name she call
Brace against the wall, like snail she crawl
She look inna mi eyes and say mi love yuh so

Baby, she never fall fi a real man
So she rebuke the bwoy like Satan
With me she say she would a spend a life sentence
What a body clean
What a tight, tight, tight, tight