QQ - Tan Tuddy - Thirty Six Degrees Records

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QQ tells the girls them to "Tan Tuddy" and bend over in his latest track produced by ZJ Ice for Thirty Six Degrees Records.

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QQ - Tan Tuddy (Lyrics Snippet)

Sit pon the buddy gyal, split pon the buddy
Sit pon the buddy gyal and split pon the buddy

(Verse 1)
Inna yuh miggle (x6), mi a thumb it
Inna yuh miggle (x6), mi waan fi pump it
Touch yuh pon yuh two nipple dem and mek yuh come quick
C*ky beat inna yuh belly like a drumstick
She a blow pon the pipe like a trumpet
To how she whine and go down mi know she dyam fit

Gyal yuh tight like the cork pon a soda
And mi a tell yuh seh yuh fit fi bend over
No bwoy nah push yuh round like a stroller
Gyal see yuh think you a walk over
Asset yuh get, a yuh pum pum yuh proud a
Everything clean, yuh nuh carry bad odor
Yuh know how to whine to dancehall and soca
So tek over the place inna the road yah