QQ - Live It Up (Til' Mi Eye Lock) - Adde Productions / JWonder

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Did someone say YOLO? Dancehall artist QQ shows how to live in the moment in his latest track dubbed "Live It Up (Til' Mi Eye Lock)". This new single is produced by Adde Productions and Johnny Wonder of 21st Hapilos.

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QQ - Live It Up [Til' Mi Eye Lock] - (Lyrics Snippet)

Mi a gwaan, drink til mi eye lock
Smoke til mi eye lock
F*ck Pu$$y til mi eye lock
Death a come mi no sure if a mine dat (x2)

Right yah now mi no care
Live fi today mi no sure bout next year
Life a the greatest gift mi no scared a no man
A the almighty alone mi fear
Heathen after mi life wid a spear
A talk bout mi tight pants, criticize mi hair
Long time me inna this nuff hunger mi bear
But badmind always have negative fi share

I will never see a youth success and badmind him bread
Dem negative thoughts could a never inna mi head
Mi work hard fi mine mi eyes no get red
Mi a fight inna the Gideon although it well dread