QQ - Bad Gyal Wine - Kirkledove Records

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New single from QQ titled "Bad Gyal Wine" produced by Kirk Bennett for Kirkledove Records.

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QQ - Bad Gyal Wine (Lyrics)

(Verse 1)
If a gyal bad
Tell her tek the middle mek yuh done dat
She never know a yuh run dat
Hard fi dem but this a fi yuh comfort
Engine bruk down a yuh a jump dat

All the liquor it tun over
When the gyal start bend over
Feelings just tek over
One thing mi waan yuh fi do

Just send out the, bad gyal dem
Send out the, bad gyal dem
Yuh fi send out the, bad gyal dem
Just send out the, bad gyal dem

Pon the riddim she a, bad gyal wine
Look how the gyal a, bad gyal wine
Batty jaw dem a, bad gyal wine
Just send out the, bad gyal dem

(Verse 2)
Gyal, set pon yuh neck-back
Hand slip out gyal, doctor we set dat
A gyal a step to yuh, yuh haffi test dat
Stop her, have to address dat

Play the drum gyal, waist a road gyal
Set yuh foot like yuh waan get low gyal
Bad gyal wine, yes a this dem fi know gyal
Yuh enemy a get cold gyal