Pryme Tyme - Do It Again - Pryme House Productions

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Pryme Tyme tells the ladies to "Do It Again" in his latest track. Single produced by Pryme House Productions and distributed by Loyal Linkz Digital Distribution.

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Pryme Tyme - Do It Again (Lyrics)

Baby yuh know seh mi and you haffi do it back again
Mi never know seh a so yuh loving nice
Baby yuh know seh mi and you haffi touch back again
The love weh yuh give me is so right

(Verse 1)
For you, I will climb a makka tree naked
Walk a thousand miles, done mi clarks and mi tims
And if you not at home
I will bleach for you loving I swear
Cause you've got me hooked on the thing you give me my dear

(Verse 2)
Gyal mek yuh muscle contract
I can feel when dem working well
Love when yuh use yuh teeth and tongue
Dem naw keep no secret dem a tell
When you lick those lips and give me that angry face
When me apply the pressure mi love when yuh whine & brace