Protoje - Stylin' (Official Lyric Video)

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Lyric video by Protoje performing "Stylin" which is the second single from the forthcoming album 'Ancient Future' scheduled to be released in 2015. Song produced by Winta James, video shot by Nickii Kane, video directed and edited by Yannick Reid. Art direction & animation by Taj Francis.

Protoje - Stylin' (Lyrics Snippet)

(Verse 1)
Well I don't think we can find our way back
After all of the things that you did
Now all the pleading in the world nah go change that
Somethings are just too hard to forgive

All of my friends they use to warn me about you
But I could'nt see a thing past your smile
And now the past is coming right back to haunt you
I hope you like it when the bills start to pile

Too much stylin'
Can't pop no style on I girl
Young girl yuh full a too much stylin'
Can't pop no style on I
I say you full a too much stylin'
Can't pop no style on I girl
And now my love for you is spoiling
Can't pop no style on I

(Verse 2)
How many times we've had the same conversation
Why you always find a reason to lie?
And girl it seem you need some deep meditation
Might sound simple but it's still worth a try

Some of the time me haffi wonder if you crazy
When I think of all the tricks that you pull
And now you tell me that you wanna be my lady
But the quart pan full