Protoje - Answer To Your Name (Official Music Video)

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Music video by Protoje performing "Answer To Your Name" off the album 'Ancient Future'. "Answer To Your Name" is a time capsule to 1970s Brixton over a ska influenced backdrop produced by Winta James and Lewis Planter. Video directed by Charlie Sarfield and Jordan Bond, and produced by Becca Dudley.

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Protoje - Answer To Your Name (Lyrics)

(Verse 1)
1971 inna England
Fresh off the plane to my dame inna Brixton
No, mi never ask bout flight
Two month now no telegram write
Hey, she send taxi fi I
She gone a some house party tonight
So call me artical like
Make a few call get a couple invite

Inna the place me gone
Never leff Yard from the day mi born
Right up front who me staring pon
You can tell say a she by the way she gwaan
Christine, Christina, Crystal
Try all a dem and she still never respond
Understand, catch a pree from a distance
Man hand gone inna pants fi a six-pance

Whoa! Tuff guys beside her
She naw reply when I say hi to her
So dem go try bring violence in the parr
Need I remind these kind that I nuh war
So me turn fi walk away
But a likkle voice in my head start talk to me
Tell me walk right pass her
To the sound, take the mic and ask her

Girl! Why won't you answer to your name?
Girl! Why won't you answer to your name?
And girl I know you see me
And you know I see you too
So what is it gonna be
Tell me what you wanna do
What's with this great mystery
After all that we been through
Now you're refusing to look my way, eh