Promise No Promises - Draw We Out (Official Music Video)

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Walshy Fire & Ziggy Blacks Productions presents "Draw We Out" music video performed by Promise No Promises from the 'No Can Do' album. The official video was shot on location in St. John's, Antigua - by Music Producer & Visual Artist Justin "Jus Bus" Nation and edited by Eyefoto Antigua and Jus Bus.

Promise No Promises - Draw We Out (Lyrics Snippet)

A nuff youths cya hold a vibes
True seh di system a pressure dem life
Lord, a pressure dem life

Nuh mek dem, draw yuh out
Just to see a wah yuh mek out a, out a
Rude bwoy prison a nuh bed a rose
Mi seh fi, watch your actions carefully
And just hold yuh mouth, yuh mouth
And keep yuh glock-40 under yuh clothes

Mi know seh yuh bad from long time
And a buss it long time
But yuh fi hear wah mi say, mi say
Too much innocent youths, suffer from your action
And all di game yuh a play, a play

Nuh clear.... no clear
No clear path fi dem, fi dem
Dem full up a education, cya find a payroll
Times hard fi dem, fi dem
What's there to ease the pressure
From the one dem consider lesser class citizen

You just can't let dem break yuh, break yuh
Hey, So hard to see the light and simple to start a fight
A hear wah mi say
You just can't let dem break yuh, break yuh