Prohgres - Hustler (Official Music Video)

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Music video by Prohgres performing "Hustler" off the 'Purge Riddim' produced by Chris Rock for Haad Rokk Muzik.

Prohgres - Hustler (Lyrics Snippet)

9-to-5 dat cyah mek yuh mek it inna life
Dawg yuh haffi hustle pon the side
Haffi have the weapon weh need the trigger muscle yuh slide
Watch out fi the shufflers

So mi big up every
Every hustlers, every hustlers
Every hustlers, every hustlers, yeah
Every hustlers, every hustlers
Every hustlers, every hustlers

Caw food haffi eat, food haffi eat
Plus we clothes and we shoes haffi neat
And ruff thugs never smooth fi the street
Informer get delete

(Verse 1)
Mr chatty mouth watch yuh mouth
When yuh see we touch the road
And a hunt fi the US and the Pounds
Want every dollar, every cent, every penny, every ounce
Keep yuh tongue else yuh a go get pronounce

Send out couple shipment
So watch out when yuh see the cris Benz
Everything straight no fish mens
Man a real born juggler no circus clowm
Deh pon earth fi a purpose don't