Pressure - Stand Firm (Official Music Video)

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Music video by Pressure Busspipe performing "Stand Firm" off the album 'The Sound'. Song produced by I Grade Records, video directed and edited by Digitak Films.

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Pressure - Stand Firm (Lyrics Snippet)

(Verse 1)
Getting ready for the liberation yow
Liberate yourself and educate a one yow
Victory comes with unification
Not until we see ourselves as Ethiopians yeah
Pay the price without no hesitation yeah
sacrifice to make a better nation wow
If violence is your only demonstration
Then use it pon dutty Babylon

My youth
Stay focus, stand firm
Don't be anxious, stand firm
Be instructed, stand firm
Cause liberation is my only concern
My youth be courageous, stand firm
Be a warrior, stand firm
Break the barriers, stand firm
Cause liberation is my only concern

(Verse 2)
Battle field yuh cyah soft like pillow
Hot like a fire man rugged like brillo
Ready fi go burn dem to less than a kilo
What a day when Babylon city gone build up
Vex dem vex true mi nuh link wid dem
One thing mi know mi nah go sink wid dem
Dem sell out the people as yuh blink wid dem
Ghetto youths just use your intelligence