Pressure Ft Damian Marley & Tarrus Riley - Mental Disturbance - Yard Vybz Entertainment

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Pressure, Damian Marley and Tarrus Riley brings you "Mental Disturbance" off the album 'Africa Redemption' produced by Yard Vybz Entertainment.

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Pressure Ft Damian Marley & Tarrus Riley - Mental Disturbance (Lyrics Snippet)

Another day in the ghetto so good to be alive
What a day to make a living and teach the youths how fi survive
Belly full yet we hungry no time for compromise
Just mi likkle ganja hustle mek mama pot a boil
Lack of opportunity mek the youths dem run so wild
Economical depression a ring dem dry
Politician chat so much and not a thing dem a try
Fi see the ghetto youths dem unify

Everyone a try, try survive
Hustle alive ooh yeah
Everything rise, prices high
Mama a cry woi
Nuh light nuh deh bout
Nuh food nuh deh bout
Nuh water bare drought woi
Trouble in the day, sleepless nights
To mek it in life.. ooh yeah

Inna the ghetto wid no food to eat
Nuh shirt to back dem nuh have nuh shoes to feet
No education or nuh school to teach
The opportunities look out a reach
Ghetto apartments a di worst fi keep