Pressure Busspipe - I'm Grateful (Official Music Video)

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Music video by Pressure Busspipe performing "I'm Grateful" off the album 'Africa Redemption'. Song produced by Yard Vybz Ent, video directed and edited by Birhan Tonge of Royal Ras Productions, video produced by Smokestack Recordings.

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Pressure Busspipe - I'm Grateful (Lyrics Snippet)

(Verse 1)
As I woke up this morning to a lovely sunshine
All my senses were with me, feeling fresh and so refine
Then I call on the father, can you guide me through the day
Cause there's so many loved ones that I lost along the way
Just wanna be happy with no stress at all
Probably one day I'll get married in time I ever call
So much to give thanks for, when I look at others cry
Still have hope for tomorrow, it's the joy inside

I'm so blessed I just kissed myself
I'm so confident in myself
It's my life and not no one else
That's why I'm grateful

Obviously I'm feeling good
I'm so happy I'm in the mood
Lovely life with some solitude
That's why I'm grateful

(Verse 2)
Was a victim of violence, still I live to fight again
Everyone has their struggles, only Jah I can depend
Jah will cometh in the morning, pain and torrid for the night
Things will only get better, if we choose to make it right
I'm no better than no one, just a servant from Jah
With or without you life goes on, now yuh purpose gone
Put your head on my shoulders and smile on my face
Everyday I get older and mi still a give praise