Popcaan - Way Up (Official Music Video)

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Music video by Popcaan performing "Way Up" off the 'Mildew Riddim' produced by Anju Blaxx for UIM Records. Video directed and edited by RD Studios.

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Popcaan - Way Up (Lyrics)

Fix tings, unruly
Dem a go need wings fi catch we up
Wings fi catch we up
Cause a way up, way up deh
Way up, stay up deh
Way up, way up deh
Way up

(Verse 1)
Anju Blaxx, from yuh see mi a cleanness
Clothes weh mi rocking a the f*king realest
Chi Ching Ching inna the louis v vest
Gyal waan we fi squeeze silicone and real breast
Gyal a blow breeze pon the head a mi pen!s
Coolest breeze got mi rocking a sleeveless
That mek some man a the grievest
Dem cyah diss no man from Zed or 3 west

Anju Blaxx, mi cyah go a day without a gyal
Inna my bed
And mi cyah do a day without high grade
Inna my head
So we killing it, way up a the bloody peak
Badman lock the street, parrot haffi watch the beak
Fresh, everyday a nuh every week
Gyal a cheer fi mi and Creep

(Verse 2)
Mi a Jamaican, but mi nuh local
Regular mi have dem gyal singing a vocal
And the gas bump up a the total
My league way out like portal
Cyah diss weed bwoy, cyah diss Opal
Unruly UIM antisocial
Nuh friend mi like the media that social
Yet still mi cyah live without gyal