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New single from Popcaan titled "Rifle Slap Round Deh" off the 'After Party Riddim' produced by Chimney Records.

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Popcaan - Rifle Slap Round Deh (Lyrics)

Hear mi nuh Jordan
Mi will shoot out dem organ
Buss him head with mi new brand glock
Cause it nuh old like Henry Morgan
The bwoy dem a claim dem grow tuff
And dem softer than donut
When mi rise my AK dem
Mek mi see if dem tuffa than robot

When mi rifle go slap round deh
Clap round deh, knock round deh
Bwoy lay down flat round deh
Police a stop round deh
People a block round deh
When mi K dem clap round deh
Dem know dem nuh fi play wid the skull already
Dem know mi will mek people haffi bury
Rifle go clap round deh, pcture a snap round deh
Body left pon snap chat round deh

(Verse 1)
Bwoy dance like Kreech when the sit'n dem a whistle
Any bwoy try test the Sutherland a missing
Rifle a change gear like bicycle
And, none a dem shot deh nuh likkle
Ask Jizzle or Rizzle
Jamaican gangster nuh nyam icicle
Jordan skull hotter than pickle
Unruly nuh left no bwoy cripple

(Repeat Chorus)

(Verse 2)
Bad we bad nuh bag nuh grab
Ratchet inna top pocket, 40 stab
Drive by pon dem endz with a taxi cab
And buss the bwoy head wid a 40-cal
40-cal send him home heartical
Cause him sell mi him life like scrap metal
45 buss him ears drum, hot metal
Bwoy a scream out like petal

(Repeat Chorus)
(Repeat Verse 1)
(Repeat Chorus)